Joy Equipment Rentals | Wacker Neuson 3001 Dumper (3 Ton)
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Wacker Neuson 3001 Dumper (3 Ton)

This mid size dumper features a 6,600 lb (3-metric ton) payload capacity, power swivel material handling and hydrostatic permanent four wheel drive as standard. The hydrostatic drive system offers user-friendly controls, eliminating the need to change gears. The 3001 offers superior performance, the drive system automatically provides torque when and where it is needed. With no clutch to wear or gears to grind, hydrostatic drive eliminates the high parts and labor costs associated with replacing these components. ROPS and heated cab versions are available.


Daily $385
Weekly $1,775
Monthly $5,025

Corporate Prices

Daily $350
Weekly $1,600
Monthly $4,800

Operating Data

Payload (lbs) 6,614
Shipping weight ROPS (lbs) 5,622
Shipping weight Cabin (lbs) 5,842
Skip capacity - Leveled (yd) 1.73
Skip capacity - Heaped (yd) 2.34
Skip capacity - Water (yd) 1.22


Engine/Motor Manufacturer Perkins
Engine/Motor Type 403F-15T
Engine/Motor Diesel
Engine Performance ISO 3046/1 34 hp
Displacement (in) 91.3
Travel Speed (mph) 13.7
Articulation angle 37 °
Pendulum angle 15 °
Turning Radius: 151.6 in
Gradeability: 50%
Tires: 11.5/80 x 15.3, 10PR
L x W x H ROPS (in) 166.9 x 70.3 x 105.1
Steering pump: axial piston pump
Flow rate US (gpm) 33.3
Operating pressure (psi) 5,221

Duty Pump Gear Pump

Flow rate (US gpm) 12
Operating pressure (psi) 3,191
Fuel tank capacity (US gal) 11.9
Hydraulic oil tank (US gal) 8.7
Sound level (LwA) dB(A) 101
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