Joy Equipment Rentals | Virnig Skid 72″ Steer Sweeper Attachment
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Virnig Skid 72″ Steer Sweeper Attachment

The broom efficiently sweeps dirt into the attached bucket, which is then easily emptied for effortless cleanup.

  • Direct drive design with replaceable drive components allowing forward and reverse operation.
  • Motor is guarded while allowing easy access for maintenance.
  • Heavy-duty hood frame adjusts to account for bristle wear by utilizing pins with multiple holes.
  • Reinforced bucket, similar to the V50 Dirt Bucket, results in long term performance.
  • Quick-tach height ensures the back of the bucket does not drag on the ground.
  • Easy exchange of wafers; no disconnecting of hydraulic hoses required.


Daily $120
Weekly $410
Monthly $1,375

Corporate Prices

Daily $85
Weekly $375
Monthly $1,200

Operating Data

Sweeping Width (in) 72
Overall Width (in) 79.8
Overall Height (in) 31.3
Overall Depth (in) 62.4
Operating Flow Rate (GPM) 15-25
Approximate Weight (Lbs) 1,120